• About Us

      Camau Frozen Seafood Processing Import - Export Corporation (Camimex) has head office which is located at 333 Cao Thang St., Ward 8, Camau City, Vietnam. Camimex was established in 1977, during last 40 years of operation with many difficulties, Camimex has unceasingly expanded and developed to one of the leaders in seafood processing and exporting producers of Vietnam with sustainable development.


    • Black Tiger PD

    • Vannamei Shrimp Breaded PTO

    • Black Tiger Shrimp PTO Butterfly

    • Black Tiger Sushi

    • Black Tiger Shrimp Headless Shell On

    • Vannamei Shrimp Headless Shell On

    • Tempura

    • Black Tiger Shrimp PD Skewered

    • Shrimp Filo