About Us

     CAMIMEX GROUP has head office which is located at 999 Ly Thuong Kiet St., Ward 6, Camau City, Vietnam. Camimex Group was established in 1977, over 40 years of operation with many difficulties, Camimex has unceasingly expanded and developed to one of the leaders in seafood processing and exporting producers of Vietnam with sustainable development.








Camimex Group has attached facilities as following:

 1) Camimex Corp

    Address: 333 Cao Thang St., Ward 8, CamauCity

* Camimex Corp - Factory No.1 -  Address: No 999 Ly Thuong Kiet St., Ward 6, Camau City 

* Camimex Corp - Factory No. 2 - Address: No. 333, Cao Thang St., sub-ward 2, ward 8, Camau City; Code EU: DL25

 * Camimex Corp - Factory No.4 - Address: No. 224 Cao Thang St., sub-ward 2, ward 8, CamauCity; Code EU: DL178

 * Camimex Corp - Factory No.5 -  Address: No 999 Ly Thuong Kiet St., Ward 6, Camau City, Code EU: DL351

 Four processing factories of Camimex Group are located with area of  4,5 ha, were equipped by mordern machines and equipments from EU, Japan and U.S. There are 2,500 skillful processing workes who worked for Camimex Group long time. Total capacity of three processing factory are more 25,000 tons of finished products/ year.

 Quality management procedures under GMP, SSOP, HACCP, ISO, BRC plans have been implemented and constantly improved at its processing plants enabling CAMIMEX GROUP to make food products with the highest possible level of hygiene and freshness that can meet the strictest requirements of any customer

 * Cold storage: System of Camimex’s cold storage can contained 2,000 tons of raw materials in CamauCity and Ho Chi Minh City.

 2) Camimex Foods : "SEA-FISH AND SHRIMP"

Main products are:
+ Pacific Cod and Alaska Pollock fish, 
+ Black tiger and Vannamei shrimp,

 3) Camimex Organic.

Company manages area of linking organic shrimp farming in Ca Mau with area of 40,000 ha. The forest area is for 50% and shrimp farming area is for only 50%. Organic shrimp is farming naturally in mangrove forests of Ca Mau province. Shrimp live, grow naturally, without feeding. This is how sustainable farming, protecting the natural forest ecosystem as well as the sustainability of organic forestry and fisheries.

 Camimex Group is the first producer of Vietnam who has deployed organic shrimp since 2000 and has been achieved the organic shrimp certificate by Naturland and IMO. Camimex Group is also the world's first producer who has been certified the organic shrimp value chain through sustainability: organic hatchery, organic shrimp farming area, organic products. Currently, Camimex Group is the first and the only producer of Vietnam who has successful deployment of certified organic shrimp, bring benefits to all parties: Guarantee forests, guaranteed income and increase of forestry and fishery farmers, ensuring quality of products for the factory, the consumers.

 Organic shrimp products are the high quality products which were loved by customers. Especially, customers are Swiss, Germany, Austria and some EU Western countries.

 The organic products are strength of Camimex Group.  

4) Camimex Nutri. Located in Hanoi, distributing
Camimex’s products to the
northern provinces of Vietnam

5) Camimex Logistics Located in Ho Chi Minh City,
managing the group’s logistics

6) Camimex Quang Tri. Located in Quang Tri, shrimp,
fish farming and processing plan

7) Camimex Hitech Located in Ca Mau, to raise shrimp
& fish with RAS technology

8) Camimex Farm Located in Ca Mau, high
technology shrimp farming,
planning up to 3000 tons/year

9)  Linking Company: CMC Seafood Company has headquaters in the US state of California, here is the linking company of Camimex Group, handles the distribution of products in the America market.

 Every year CAMIMEX GROUP processes and exports over 10,000 tones of aqua products to worldwide markets at a value of more than 100 million US dollars and will push increasing in coming years.  Products of company include Black Tiger Shrimp and Vannamei shrimp and Organic Black Tiger and White Pink shrimp to be processed in froms of HOSO, HLSO, PND, PUD, PTO, CPTO, Nobashi, Sushi, Tempura, Breaded shrimps…Besides, Organic Shrimp products, value added shrimp products are also our strength.