Sơ đồ tổ chức


Management Team


Bui Si Tuan (Mr.)
Chairman of Board of Directors
Mr. Tuan is the heart and soul of Camimex. He has led the restructuring
of Camimex both at the Group level as well as at Camimex Corp
(subsidiary) to overcome the crisis in 2013 and rebuild the company
from ground up.
Mr. Tuan is a visionary leader with deep knowledge and experience
in finance and accounting. Prior to leading Camimex, he has served
various managing roles including Chief Accountant, Chief Investment
Officer, and Board Member of Minh Phu Seafood Corp – the leading
shrimp player in Vietnam. With his expertise in M&A, company
restructuring, and capital raising, Camimex is well positioned to
accelerate its next phase of growth.

Huynh Van Tan (Mr.)
Board member cum CEO
Mr. Tan has been working at Camimex for more than 20 years.
Mr. Tan has profound experience in the seafood industry and deep
understanding about Camimex business thanks to his long staying
at the company. He was appointed to become the CEO of Camimex
Group in 2020.

Dang Ngoc Son (Mr.)
Board member cum CEO
Mr. Son has more than 40 years of experience in the seafood
industry and earned his bachelor degree in seafood processing.
He was the Deputy Director of Production at Stapimex during
the 1981-1994 period. By 1998, he led Phu Minh Hung Quang Ninh
Seafood Company as Chairman cum CEO, then left the position to
join Camimex in 2014.

Bui Duc Cuong (Mr.)
Board member cum CEO
Mr. Cuong has 22 years of experience in the seafood industry. He
worked at Minh Phu Seafood Corp from 1997 to 2008 before joining
Camimex in 2013. Since then, Mr. Cuong has been a key member of
the management team at both Group and subsidiaries level

Huynh Cong Nhan (Mr.)
Chief accountant
Mr. Nhan has over 20 years of experience in the seafood industry.
Before joining Camimex in 2019, he had served in various accounting
and supervisory roles at other seafood companies including Minh Hai,
Jostoco, Ngan Phu.